Dog Food Made Better

Wild Earth faced a daunting challenge. They had to launch their new pet food and break the myth that “real dogs eat meat.” All by introducing a product that no one thought was needed: plant based dog food.

Wild Earth’s kibble is better for the world, better for the industry, and better for your furry friend, which we knew every pet lover would appreciate. Still, sales were not where they could be.

Our team was tasked with introducing the plant-based food to dog lovers everywhere, drive sales and increase awareness.

We United Pet Lovers and Plant Lovers Alike

We knew there was a fine line between highlighting the benefits of a plant based diet for your dog and coming across as preachy. So we appealed to our shared love for our dogs with a brand redesign and a launch video called “Eat the Food, Ryan.”

We Started With a New Look

Our redesigned packaging secured distribution from the biggest independent food distributor in the country.

We extended the new packaging design and created shelf talkers to call attention to the new planet based kibble on the shelves of independent pet stores.

We Took It to the Shelves.


The CEO ate a bowl of his dog food.

It’s a simple, powerful demonstration of how pure Wild Earth is, and it got Ryan plenty of media attention.

Wild earth’s business is growing over


Per month since the work launched.

The video helped drive down their customer acquisition costs by


Making it one of the lowest in the industry.