Your limited-edition bottle,
now even limiteder

Every year, Jameson releases a limited-edition bottle. This year, the design played off of emoji culture and how we invite friends to the pub. So we let our fans design their own version of the label with the Jameson Label Maker.

From "Limited Edition Art" to a "Cultural Moment"

We took the limited edition bottle from “one-off product” to “cultural moment” by handing the reins to the Jameson fans themselves. By buying the bottle, fans unlocked a digital mobile experience where they could use hundreds of Hephe’s illustrations to create their own version of the label and have their creation shipped to their homes. Which created a whole lot of content for their feeds—and ours.

The campaign drove interest and excitement around the bottle through the website experience, posters, and in-store displays.

Complete sell-through happened faster than in any previous year. By creating a participatory experience, we drove earned impressions and UGC as people shared their designs online.


The connected bottle
connected with fans

Earned Impressions