BK Flame

One time, my partner and I were walking past the local BK. “That smell, it’s magnificent. We should find a way to sell that smell.” And then we did. It took about 14 seconds on Google and a phone call to find a vendor to make the cologne. And a whole bunch of people at CPB to make it the huge success it was.

The project won a lot of awards:
Communication Arts Advertising Annual, Integrated Campaigns
One Show Interactive, Online Branding, Silver
One Show, Innovative Media, Bronze
PDN, Visions of the Decade
London Advertising Awards, Integrated, Bronze
London Advertising Awards, “New Category,” Silver
Cannes, Promo Lions, Shortlist
Clios, Innovative Interactive, Shortlist
Clios, Innovative Interactive, Shortlist
The 100 Greatest PR Stunts of All Time. (#37)